How To Obtain "Less Stress"

Less Stress   Stress can often be an overwhelming force in our lives. No matter what we do for a living, whether our jobs are super high pressure or even super laid back as mine fortunately is, stress is simply put, pretty constant. Even the management of known stressors can be taxing for us.   Some stress is actually positive. You guys as members here at 77 do this each day you come in and train. Adding stress to the body aids in our strength, endurance, mobility, and overall wellness.  As long as you’re keeping your nutrition as even more of a priority than said training, you’re already well ahead of many of your peers in reducing some of that negative stress.   But are you doing all you can do in either avoiding, altering (changing situations), or adapting, accepting (changing responses) to the negative stress in your life? I’m...

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Written by Bryce Gray on February 18, 2019



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